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March 03, 2011


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Great review, thanks! We are buying two tomorrow!

Great review. Really Insightful. I lost one of the waist belt straps due to the smooth webbing on the end of the strap like you describe (or it was never there from the store). Neither Black Diamond or the camping store had any sympathy for this problem so I ordered material to make another waist strap. Doing this is a bit harder than I thought it would be so I'd encourage others to secure the strap like you describe. I like having a few compartments for gear so I'm wasn't used to such a plain, light weight pack. Objects that aren't smooth and light don't sit very well unless they are wrapped up and balanced side to side or sitting in the bottom of the pack. But the Magnum is perfect for intense activity, like cross-country skiing, where some light items in a largish space and only one or two solid objects are needed

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