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November 01, 2010


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I think you're wise to read an outline before tackling a book like this. I got the gist from reading the introduction to my copy, and it makes reading it easier. I can focus on the story and the style instead of just wondering what happens next. I figure if knowing the plot spoils the enjoyment of a book then it's not a very good book!

My motivation was pure fear of failure. If I couldn't grasp what was going on, I knew I wouldn't finish the book. I read your quote from Lattimore and it doesn't seem all that challenging, but I'm glad I went with Fagles

LOL! The Lattimore translation is indeed very straightforward and easy to understand. Have you looked at the Cowper or Pope versions? (Available on Project Gutenberg) I'm glad I'm not reading one of those the first time through! But I think I will read the Pope later to get a feel for it as song.

No, I haven't really looked at any other translation. Gutenberg is a great concept, but the lack of formatting on some of the texts just puts me off for some reason. I'll stick with Fagles and consider myself enlightened.

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