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October 18, 2010


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This is how I feel about face veils. Apart from arguments about freedom of religion and oppression of women and security concerns, I just think that for a society to function normally we have to be able to look each other in the face. So much of communication is non-verbal, and the clearer our communication is the better. No one ever talks about that aspect of it but I think it's very important. It's an unequal and impaired exchange. I would feel extremely uncomfortable talking to someone wearing a mask. Who are they? What are they hiding or hiding from? And I think it says something when certain societies don't think it's important to see what women are communicating with their faces.

Hi Sylvia. For me, removing the shades is a question of simple civility. While I agree with you regarding the veil, your argument leads back to the core issue of the veil - social injustice. In the "veiled" countries, the response would be that you have no business talking to or "communicating" with their women so the veil is not an issue - perfectly normal.

I'm not a fan of the French burqa ban within the context of allowing personal liberty, but as the father of two daughters, I do think it - the burqa - and veils deserve to be stigmatized.

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