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October 11, 2010


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Or, he could be listening to the World Series on the radio while his wife finishes shopping.

Granted, there are a few legitimate reasons, but it's still creepy from the view of the observer.

Ha! Good thing you did see me yesterday. Sitting in my car. Sobbing like a baby. Though I was finishing my current read--not sure if onlookers could tell that, though, as the book was in my lap. (before work in parking garage).

But generally, yes, I agree. Things that bug me? When people are too damn lazy to take their shopping cart to the shopping cart holder so they just park the cart in the middle of an [sometimes] empty spot. Really people? How hard is it.

PS--thanks for signing up for the The Odyssey readalong. Not sure how enlightening we'll be but hopefully it'll be fun regardless.

Hi Trish,
Ok, crying women with books get a pass. Maybe even crying guys with books, though I really hope I never see that! All the rest are drug dealers and terrorists. But you'll be happy to know I always put the cart in the holder or up on a curb out of the way.

Glad to join The Odyssey. I'll do my best. Thanks!

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